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    These two days, eighty-on
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    TÉMA: These two days, eighty-on
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    These two days, eighty-one, eating bad, sleeping bad, natural mood is not good, think about it, I still go to the street to eat noodles, to calm down my dissatisfaction with the meal, the noodle restaurant business is very hot mokingusacigarettes.com, The location was full, and there was a vacancy in the Yi girl wearing national costumes. I thought about it again and again, and sat down in danger. What I didn't think of was that she actually took the initiative to talk to me, because I haven't seen such a beautiful and simple girl for a long time Wholesale Cigarettes, my heart is very nervous. The girl asked me: You are a soldier, I said: How do you know. The girl said: Look at your temperament and you know! Oh, this is my heart. I said: Is the girl a comrade of the Yi nationality? I said: I am full of longing for the Yi girls, especially the girl like you. ~~~ I asked the girl your surname, she said: I don��t want to surname Yang Mingli, I was happy to say that you would not Is there a brother or brother called Yang Xiao Duan? That is the big ugly man of our unit! I didn't expect the girl's answer to surprise me Cheap Cigarettes. How do you say that my brother is a big ugly man? People are more than a gentleman. It is not at the same level... I almost fainted at that time... After several conversations, I realized that her brother and my comrade-in-arms were not One person... a false alarm... But the girl didn't finish, just because I said that Yang Xiaoduan is an ugly man, he chased after me. After two seconds, he looked at me with hate and silence... I was nervous. Then explained: I said that the big ugly man is my comrade-in-arms, not your brother, she does not listen to the explanation at all, and swears at me. The content of the lesson made me speechless. ......The content omits 10,000 words. I can't stand it. The girl---I want to eat rice. I didn't expect this to be an exit. The girl is straight and looks at me~~~~ I see the situation is not right, I will bury my head. The girl suddenly said: This is the noodle restaurant is not a restaurant, is it that the lady looks like Hong Qigong? Then both eyes looked at me with hate and speechlessness. ... I saw that the beauty is tight, Zou��s eyebrows, I don��t know who I hate, it really makes me depressed and die. It��s hard to know that a Yi girl is so ruined.

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